Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you about the rescheduled dates of Spell Bee Contest for the students of Grade 5 to 10. The interested students who have enrolled their names in the respective grade groups on 10th August, 2021 will be taken into consideration.

Instructions for VPM’s Spell Bee Contest Round 1
1. The Contest involves two dignitaries (i) pronouncer, (ii) judge and the spellers (students).
2. The Spell Bee Contest shall be conducted orally, where the pronouncer reads out a particular word twice. Every word will be repeated twice by the pronouncer without distorting the normal pronunciation of the word.
3. The speller should listen to the word said by the pronouncer carefully and spell it loud and clear. Every speller will be given 1 minute time to spell a word.
4. In Round 1 every speller should spell 5 words correctly. The judge will keep a record of the timing as well as the spelling given by the speller.
5. The names of the spellers will be called out by the judge in the alphabetical order (Spellers’ Name first). As soon as the name of is called the speller should turn on his/her camera.
6. Every speller should try to spell all the words pronounced by the pronouncer.
7. At the end of Round 1, the judge will display the set of words used in the Contest for the spellers to view.
8. Later, after the event the judge will select the spellers who have scored the maximum in Round 1 and share the names in the grade groups. The judge has the full power to determine whether or not the word was spelled correctly. Their judgement will be the final one.
9. The judge has the final authority to determine whether or not the word was spelled correctly.
10. Round 1 will be conducted on 11th &12th October 2021 at various time slots.
11. A separate set of instructions will be provided for the students selected for Round 2
i.e. Final Round. As informed in the previous Spell Bee Contest Circular we expect students to prepare for the contest on their own.

V 11/10/2021 16 5:00 to 5:40p.m.
VI 11/10/2021 27 5:00 to 5:40p.m.
VII 11/10/2021 17 5:00 to 5:40p.m.
VIII 12/10/2021 08 5:00 to 5:40p.m.
IX 12/10/2021 07 5:00 to 5:40p.m.
X 12/10/2021 05 5:00 to 5:40p.m.



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