How significant is the role of teachers and parents in the post-pandemic era?

///How significant is the role of teachers and parents in the post-pandemic era?

The impact of the Covid Pandemic cannot be overlooked as the education sector is on its way to operating fully in the offline mode after a gap of two years. What lies ahead for the students? Are they ready to shed off their fears and move back to an environment where they have spent invaluable years of their life? For some, it may be like homecoming whereas for others it could be a challenging task.

‘No task is too big when done together’. Let us join hands to build confidence and self esteem in our students and make this transition from online to offline as smooth as possible. The three major areas we need to focus on for a healthy transformation are as follows:

  • Sleeping habits: – Two years of Pandemic have drastically changed our attitude towards life. It’s good that we don’t take things for granted anymore but at the same time we need to follow a healthy life style. ‘Children learn more from what you are than from what you teach’. As elders, let us set a consistent sleep schedule which would ensure eight hours of sleep so that they are well prepared for the day ahead.

Reading storybooks or journaling can be a good pre-sleeping activity rather than staying awake glued to your mobile screen. The child will not only be punctual but also stay active throughout the day.

  • Eating habits:-Work from home culture has brought in a major shift in the dietary patterns too. We are now particular that we don’t miss out on a complete meal thanks to those who work behind the scene seeing to it that enough food is served on the plate four times a day. Besides consuming home cooked meal regularly, it would be beneficial to have seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables in adequate quantity. Encourage your children to make healthy choices which would boost their immunity.
  • Bridging the learning gap: The new academic session is challenging for the teaching fraternity as the focus is on how to bridge the loss of learning and upgrade their writing skills. This would involve identifying the skill set of the students and working on those areas where the children need special attention. A good understanding between the Parents and the school community would build the morale of the students and make them feel proud of their little accomplishments.

Now is the time to begin, rise up to the challenges, refrain from all negativity and march ahead towards fulfilling our vision.

Parents, we seek your unconditional support in our endeavour to fulfil the dreams of our children, bring back smile on their faces, and brighten up their future.

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