The school strives to create an ambience where right attitudes to life and work are as much caught as they are taught!Moreover every effort is made to confIrm to the norms of the I.C S. E. The facilities provided by the school go way beyond the minimum specified by the Board.


At VPM equal importance is given to sports and academics. Education without sports is incomplete. Sports and games form an integral part of growing up as it builds stamina, helps in developing co-ordination, concentration, agility and team spirit, thus resulting in one’s physical and mental growth and in character building. We encourage and motivate our students to participate in various inter-school competitions as well as competitions conducted by various prestigious organizations at district and state levels.

It is said that “Academics and Sports are two sides of the same coin called education.”

Drawing skills are the bedrock of good painting and the foundation on which, form and colour can most truthfully be expressed. The School is focused on providing various activities as a part of the curriculum to tap their innate talents.

Each one is DIFFERENT
Each one is SPECIAL
&Each one is BEAUTIFUL

So keeping their individuality in mind and to encourage their creativity, we provide art, craft, music, dance, chess, karate and yoga activities to the students.

Let learning be a joy and teaching be a pleasure ……..

We at VPM understand the importance of technology aided teaching right from the early age of schooling, thus catering to the multi-intelligence of our students.

Smart Class arouses the curiosity, activates the mind of the child, encourages involvement through more interactive and lively sessions …….and above all helps in the retention of knowledge.

In the present complex world, education is nothing but the development of competence.  In order to be competent, techno-based skills acquired through computers are essential to face these complexities.

At VPM’s, computers are introduced at a very early age in the form of games, stories, drawing, colouring etc.  We have full-fledged Computer Lab with a 1:1 student computer ratio.

“A mind is like a parachute
It doesn’t work if it is not open”

Therefore co-curricular activities at VPM help set free the budding minds, allowing them to roam in the realm of imagination.  They gain enough experience to give expression to their own individual creativity through participating in co-curricular activities.

We as mentors encourage them to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities with the objective that mere participation makes them a winner, helping them to open their wings and soar to greater heights.

All of us don’t have equal talent ….. yet all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.  Keeping this in mind we tap their inherent potentialities and give them a platform to showcase their talents.  Various competitions are conducted like Fancy Dress, Quiz, Chart-making, Singing, dancing, debates etc, which help in boosting their confidence as well as inculcate values of co-operation, team-spirit, sportsmanship etc.

Our programme and activities incorporate an integrated curriculum that promotes learning through drama, dance, music, art, outdoor display etc.

We have bus facilities covering different routes catering to our students from all sectors of Airoli, Ghansoli, Rabale, Koperkhairane, Kalwa, Mulund, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg etc.

All buses are as per the norms of RTO.

Each bus has a female attendant.

The process of GPRS system is in the pipeline.

  • School Bus Contractor :- Mr. Ashok Vhanagade :- 9221278714
  • School Bus In-charge :- Mr. Mukesh Singh :- 9324528787

VPM’s International School (ICSE), Airoli has an attractive infrastructure and a sprawling playground to boast of.  A huge playground measuring 5000 sq mts is attached to our school building.  We have some play equipments for the Pre-primary section (Dolphin Kids) which the children not only will enjoy playing but also learn to develop skills, endurance and confidence while playing in the park.    For the Secondary Section field events are conducted on this ground.  It is indeed a boon for the students to have access to the school ground where they are able to play football, volleyball, badminton, basketball, kho-kho, kabaddi etc.  Students also have a separate sports room to play indoor games like table-tennis.  Various play equipments are also stored in the sports room.

Our classrooms are spacious, airy and well-lit with 5 X 10 ft. green boards.  Smart boards are installed in almost every classroom from std I to std X.  The staff-room is well equipped for the teacher to carry out his / her work without any disturbance.  It is our endeavour to have two more floors which hopefully will materialize soon.

No school is complete without laboratories.  We too have well-equipped Science Laboratories such as Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab to inculcate scientific temper.  We also have Computer Laboratory, Mathematics Laboratory, Geography Laboratory to provide hands on experience to the students.  There are separate music & dance rooms to nurture their talent.
The school has a well-stacked Library as it is believed that reading exposes us to a world of imagination and broadens our outlook.  Good reference books for the teachers as well as the students are provided here.  Good teaching aids to enhance the teaching skills like educational CD’s, movies for children etc also find a place in our library.

It is rightly said by Napolean Bonaparte “Ability is of little account without opportunity.”  Here at VPM, we give opportunities to students from Std VI onwards to pursue their hobbies to a certain extent and hone the talent they already possess.  We have different clubs like Literary Club, Science Club, Culture Club, Sports Club etc which will help the children to acquire different skills and showcase their talent.

Counseling is a supportive relationship between the Counselor and the student.  Counseling has become an essential component to help student overcome academic, interpersonal and intrapersonal obstacles like learning disabilities, teenage related issues etc.  We have a student counselor to help them combat various problems and make their path smoother.

The school has a well-stocked Library as it is believed that reading exposes us to a world of imagination and broadens our outlook. Good reference books for the teachers as well as the students are provided here. Good teaching aids to enhance the teaching skills like educational CD’s, movies for children etc also find a place in our library.

If the child is not keeping fit we have a Health care Centre where the first-aid / basic treatment is given.




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