It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride these two and a half years, each day throwing new challenges, providing learning opportunities and preparing us for tough times ahead .The Pandemic has silently taken away precious lives of our near and dear ones rendering us helpless. But life continues teaching us lessons of gratitude, learning to value the things at our disposal. The greatest assurance comes from the fact that we are in this journey together.
On this festive occasion let us celebrate all good things of life. It’s a rare privilege to be born and walk on this Earth; let us lend a helping hand to those in need-the less fortunate and brighten our days. When you share and extend your resources for those who have no means, you spread warmth and love.

Wish you all a Happy Diwali.


All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today and yesterday—

You become the way you design your life. The more you love yourself the better will you work on your intrinsic strengths and weaknesses. Discipline is the strongest form of self— love. It is loving yourself enough to give yourself everything you have ever wanted. Discipline of mind, body and spirit is to key to success in all spheres of our lives. At the highest level, it takes us close to God. Can any one of us deny discipline as unnecessary or worthless?

Discipline is akin to cleanliness and order. Would you work at a desk that is cluttered with files and papers that have neither been dusted nor put away in proper order? Or would you prefer to begin work each morning at a desk which has been cleared away by you the previous evening and has been wiped and dusted early in the morning and awaits the next day’s work.

A student who is set on clearing competitive exams like NEET, JEE, GMAT goes through hours and hours of rigorous preparations every day; he/she learns to become more analytical and logical in his approach; gives up trivial pursuits like roaming around with friends and watching TV, NETFLIX until his chosen goal is accomplished. Here self – discipline becomes spontaneous allowing you to become more energetic, more effective to achieve your dreams.

If you truly want to get things done in your life that until now you have not been able to do, get up an hour earlier each day. This will give you an extra 365 hours each year to do what is important to you. To maintain your physical fitness, to learn new skills, one must schedule the activities retaining the goal in mind.

Self-discipline is a way of enhancing the value of your life. It brings about peace ,order, perfection and self- fulfillment in your life. It enables us to cultivate virtues like hard work, patience and dedication. It breathes a new life into you transforming your negative emotions into a usable form of energy.

I hope the insights shared will inspire you to push your limits and utilize each day as a platform for growth and productivity.


Language is a medium of expression through which you convey your thoughts, ideas or express your feelings & emotions. Different languages are used by the people across the world to communicate. The easiest form of expressing ourselves is through our Mother tongue. We all have mastered it without assistance from any external agency. Over the years, English language has acquired prominence and won global recognition. In this context, we need to inculcate good communication skills among students; encourage them to read and write in English.

The mastery over the language brings forth innumerable benefits. As English is the first language spoken by people of the top nations, it has now been recognized as the business language. Science, Computer, Economics in fact there is no field where English language has not touched or shown its dominance. So, it is highly important to develop the art of conversing in English. Children gain confidence & feel a sense of self-worth. They feel superior over others and gear up to take on any challenges that come their way.

Mrs.Vijaya Ramesh
Vice Principal



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