VPM’s International School was founded in the year 2005. It is located in Sector 19, Airoli, Navi Mumbai. It was affiliated to the ICSE Board in the academic year 2007 – 08.

VPM’s International is a progressive school and is a result of 50 years of hard work in the field of education. It aims to provide a conducive environment to all the students under its care with concentrated effort in moulding the young child into a confident, trustworthy future citizen of India.

Our motto at VPM is ‘Knowledge is Power’. At VPM we walk towards exploring the potential of each child believing each child to be a unique personality. Owing to the sincere hard work of the Educationists behind this institution, the school gained popularity and over the years it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life.

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From the Chairman’s Desk

I extend a hearty welcome to all viewers of the VPM’s Dolphin Kids and International School. Our school is bubbling with the support of over two thousand students, their parents and nearly one hundred teaching and supporting staff, under the able guidance of Principal Smt. Sandhya Sondur.
Our English School is affiliated to Indian Council for Secondary Education,New Delhi. After years of perseverance, we now stand tall as one the very few institutions that provide quality education with affordable fees. VPM’s has a fountain of experience in managing educational institutions originally established to cater to the educational needs of Kannada linguistic minority students in Mumbai, since the past 56 years. Today one can hope to get best of education from KG to PG in the VPM’s institutions in Mulund (E). It is with that confidence we set up the spacious educational complex in
Airoli, Navi Mumbai and its vicinity to reach out to everyone who aspires for quality education without a high price tag.
We are open to philanthropic well-wishers to come forward to donate forvarious facilities in our schools. It is possible for the well-wishers to donate to name various facilities, and classrooms after their near and dear ones. I am sure our enlightened visitors will come forward to strengthen the bond between the VPM and general public.

Mrs. Sandhya Sondur

From the Principal’s Desk

“The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability”-Henry Ford

The world around us is rapidly changing. There are additions and replacements in technology. Nearly all sectors are now heavily influenced by digitization. Amongst all of this, if there is one thing thatstays constant, then that is the undisputed need for quality education. We at VPM’s Dolphin Kids and IAM International School recognize this need and work incessantly to ensure that all our students emerge as kind, confident, empathetic, and responsible individuals. Our carefully curated curriculum along with unique activities, encourages students to fully explore theiracademic potential and hone their talents Our school motto of “Knowledge is Power” truly reflects our belief when it comes to education. Be it virtual learning, or straight from the classroom, our dedicated team of educators have overcome hurdles and seen to it that continuity of learning is maintained.

Equipped with excellent infrastructure-be it our spacious classrooms, sprawling playground, and modern educational tools, our school campus is now renovated and revamped to welcome our students when they return to school.

Let us join hands, and work united as a family, towards peace, growth and success.

Coming together is a BEGINNING

keeping together is PROGRESS

and working together is SUCCESS


Hello! My name is Prem Kumbhar. I am an Art Director, Creative Designer & Design Educator/Design Faculty based in Mumbai with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry with strong Arts and Design professional holding a degree in Bachelors focused in Industrial design from United world Institute of Design Ahmedabad & MA in Visual Communication design Programme from Parsons School of Design, New York.

But much more than that I’am a VPM’ian Student !

Yes, I have been a student at VPM’S International School for almost 7 school years (3rd Grade to 10th Grade) and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help to keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done and there is tutoring if we need it. There are many opportunities for VPM’S students which will help them to grow in life. For example, students have freedom to choose their field of interest i.e. arts, dance, drama, Olympiads in which they can go for competitions to compete with the students of other schools to get a much broader perspective of real world competitive challenge. There are various internal competitions in which teachers make the assignments enjoyable with science fairs and school exhibitions.

Today I am an Art Director in one of the reputed Ad agency and Design faculty as well teaching in various design institutes in such a short span of (5 to 6 years) of passing out from VPM’s school. This has been made possible only because of the teachers and mentors of this school who helped me to identify my inner talent and motivated me for my future career.


Mst.Prem Kumbhar, The teachers and mentors of this school had helped me to identify my inner talent and motivated me for my future career.

Hi guys, I am Harirajan , an ex-student of VPM’s IAM International Airoli. I’d like to share some of my beautiful memories associated with my school. Our school is well known for its facilities and activities which are frequently conducted. I remember those golden days when we used to participate in various kinds of competitions and events. It was an effective way to keep our creative minds active. My classmates and I used to enjoy all the competitions. I am grateful to my
school teachers and staff who used to arrange these events with such strenuous efforts. They worked hard to make our studies seem more interesting. I also recall those days where we used to have inter-class sports events. Oh, the thrill and the exhilaration are truly irreplaceable.

Oof! , the annual days obviously, how could I really forget that? Those beautiful memories of the dance practices with my fellow mates, filled with entertainment. Even during this difficult times of pandemic, our teachers are working so hard and diligently to make us feel like they are teaching live All they want is our futures to be brighter and successful. We love our teachers, and are ever grateful to them I want to thank VPM for making my school life fabulous and memorable.

Thank you
(2019-20 batch)

Mst.Harirajan Manivannan, I want to thank VPM for making my school life fabulous and memorable.

I had the opportunity of studying at VPM’s International School & I am thankful to all the teachers and the staff who were helpful and immensely caring throughout my school life. The school provided me all the opportunities to discover myself and my hidden talents. The teachers knew every student needs. Not only did my school provide me high quality education, but also many important values of service, humility, kindness and courage. My school has the most suitable environment for a student to learn and develop. It provides a competititve yet friendly student atmosphere. It has always aimed at keeping up with the modernising worls yet remain grounded. I am very eager to see my school progress in the future. As I mover ahead in life, I always want to look back at my school proudly and with my head held high, be able to announce that I am a product of a great institution called the VPM’s International School.

Ms. Pranjalee Raj, My school has the most suitable environment for a student to learn and develop.

What do I say about my life at VPM? My alma mater, i still yearn for the life there. As I look back fondly at the memories right from my first day at school as a precocious 4 year old to a 15 year old , my thoughts run amok. This was the place where I met my friends, created bonds with the most amazing teachers who shaped me into the confident personality I am today. I learnt to be an all rounder, imbibed the values of compassion and honesty, realised what it matters is not standing first but giving your best and most important becoming a good person. Here I understood the meaning of cooperation. After passing out from the school i realised how blessed I am to have been a part of this school and to have such wonderful teachers who nurtured me to blossom . I know that wherever I go my school will always have the place of pride in my heart and nothing can change that.

Ms. Anaica Ramesh, What do I say about my life at VPM?

I am Chirayu Sujata Raosaheb Patil , 2014 pass out from VPM International School, Airoli.

Education is an essential part of our lives and the first place which serves as its provider is school. It is the first spark in receiving education. School was like my second home, it gave me a platform to do better in life and also helped me build my personality. We had a lot of loving teachers who were attentive towards each and every student and understood us on personal levels. We were encouraged to explore our possibilities and guided to shape our talents. These important lessons and qualities stayed with me and hence I never stopped the yearning to find what I loved doing and took all the opportunities that came across not worrying about the failures. The vibrant environment of the school campus made me think beyond the obvious.I got placement at KPMG India through the campus inter views and currently I am working as an Analyst. But I still wanted to pursue my passion i. e to be a part of Indian Defence Force.

My joy knew no bounds when I got to know that I have also been selected for Officer Rank in the Indian Navy for GS(X) entry as well as for Pilot entry in the Indian Air force. I am proud and blessed that I got a chance to study in our prestigious and esteemed school. The experience I had there was amazing and I wouldn’t replace it for the world.

Mst.Chirayu Sujata Raosaheb Patil, I am proud and blessed that I got a chance to study in our prestigious and esteemed school.




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