Teachers’ Day Celebrations Report 2020-2021

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A day dedicated to teachers

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India every year on 5th September to appreciate the role played by teachers in the life of students–the leaders of tomorrow. The day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of the country and a visionary educator. Teachers provide the power of knowledge and education and create possibilities for better future. Amidst the pandemic, VPM’s IAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, AIROLI celebrated this day with great enthusiasm through the Zoom app on 7th September, 2020 at 5 p.m. The whole event was meticulously planned by Principal Mrs. Sandhya Sondur and Vice-Principal  Mrs. Vijaya Ramesh.

The programme was hosted by Mrs. Vijaya Ramesh. Mr. Pramod Mulgund, the school in-charge,  Adv.Vijay Kulkari, the Joint Secretary (VPM), and Mr Prasanna Pandit, member of the Managing Committee, graced the occasion with their presence. The programme commenced with a shloka recital in Sanskrit by Mrs. Abha Tripathi. This was followed by a prayer song in the mesmerizing voice of music teacher Ms Meenal Kakirde. The Principal in her address urged the teachers to add value to their pedagogy through experimental learning. The cultural programme unfolded with a dance performance invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Mono act on ‘Types of Moms’, a comic act on ‘The difference between online and offline teaching’ and an Indo-Western dance performance added spice to the programme. Ms. Minuja Christopher shared her experience of working in this organisation.

Ms.Alka Vaish spoke on the inherent qualities to be a successful teacher. All teachers cheered and motivated their colleagues with a wide smile. Shri Pramod Mulgund in his address stated that events which give a platform for the teachers to display their innate talents need to be encouraged. Adv. Vijay Kulkarni in his presidential address appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers but at the same time exhorted the teachers to gear up to face the changing demands of the audio-visual learners.

The entire programme was applauded by everyone present and will always remain a beautiful memory in the hearts of one and all present.

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Conversing in English
Language is a medium of expression through which you convey
your thoughts, ideas or express your feelings & emotions.
Different languages are used by the people across the world to
communicate. The easiest form of expressing ourselves is through
our Mother tongue. We all have mastered it without assistance
from any external agency.
Over the years, English language has acquired prominence and
won global recognition. In this context, we need to inculcate good
communication skills among students; encourage them to read
and write in English.
The mastery over the language brings forth innumerable benefits.
As English is the first language spoken by people of the top
nations, it has now been recognized as the business language.
Science, Computer, Economics in fact there is no field where
English language has not touched or shown its dominance.
So, it is highly important to develop the art of conversing in
English. Children gain confidence & feel a sense of self-worth.
They feel superior over others and gear up to take on any
challenges that come their way.

Mrs.Vijaya Ramesh
Vice Principal

Conversing in English