International Yoga Day 2020-2021

///International Yoga Day 2020-2021

On this International Yoga Day let us celebrate the true well being and bring about a transformation.Yoga & Yogacise…
Try this exercise in the morning. as you get out of bed: S–T—R—E–T–C–H.! You will discover how rejuvenating it is and how painless. And that is what Yoga basically is.– a series of gentle stretch exercises. So forget the ‘Trendies’ who say that to be beautiful one must undergo pain.
Yoga Is the one form of exercise that is kind to your muscles and does not leave you gasping for breath.It is the only exercise that keeps age at bay and your mind serene in this highly stressed world.
Let us discover the benefits of yoga.
Yoga is..
1.Experiencing a higher state of consciousness
2. Becoming aware of one’s body, posture, internal signals
3. Achieving flexibility of mind through flexibility of body
4. Living with a positive attitude
5. A way of life.



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Conversing in English
Language is a medium of expression through which you convey
your thoughts, ideas or express your feelings & emotions.
Different languages are used by the people across the world to
communicate. The easiest form of expressing ourselves is through
our Mother tongue. We all have mastered it without assistance
from any external agency.
Over the years, English language has acquired prominence and
won global recognition. In this context, we need to inculcate good
communication skills among students; encourage them to read
and write in English.
The mastery over the language brings forth innumerable benefits.
As English is the first language spoken by people of the top
nations, it has now been recognized as the business language.
Science, Computer, Economics in fact there is no field where
English language has not touched or shown its dominance.
So, it is highly important to develop the art of conversing in
English. Children gain confidence & feel a sense of self-worth.
They feel superior over others and gear up to take on any
challenges that come their way.

Mrs.Vijaya Ramesh
Vice Principal

Conversing in English