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Dear Parents,

 The Covid-19 pandemic has left a profound effect on all sectors, including the education sector. We were scheduled to have reopened in April, and naturally, you must have some questions over the declaration of results, payment of fees, and completion of the syllabus.

  1. As per the Government circular, all students from Grade 1 to VIII will be promoted to the next class. Due to the lockdown, the school will not be able to announce the results. Once the lockdown period gets over the school will send circular for results and the distribution of books.   
  2. Parents of the Pre-Primary section can pay the fees online if possible. Parents of Grade I to X will be given time to pay the fees after the lockdown period ends. Late fee won’t be charged for the lockdown period for students of Dolphin Kids and ICSE. 
  3. We assure you that all the portion will be completed, either by increasing the duration of lectures or by cutting down on holidays once the school reopens. We do not expect students to finish studying chapters merely by looking at PPTs. It is not possible for all students to have laptops with webcams in order to facilitate E-classes and we would not want any student to be left behind. At the same time, we want to ensure that the students are occupied and spend their time fruitfully.
  4. We shall be sending subject wise revision sheets to all grades. All worksheets, assignments and study material would be uploaded on the school website.The content will be based on the previous year’s concepts that are important in the upcoming year as well.
  5. The students need not take a printout of the worksheets, assignments etc. They can make use of unused or available notebooks.   
  6. For grade 10 ie the new batch, we plan to introduce new topics through video links and sending study material simultaneously. The students are supposed to go through the topics carefully before the school reopens.  

We will communicate through emails, text messages whenever necessary. Let us adapt ourselves to the changing times and together overcome this difficult phase successfully.       




Revision Worksheet from Jr.KG to Grade X 2020-2021

Parents Please note we have Changed the Grades as per academic year 2020-2021

Jr.KG worksheets upto 22nd Apr.20
Jr.KG worksheets from 23rd Apr.20
Sr.KG worksheets upto 22nd Apr.20
Sr.KG worksheets from 23rd Apr.20
Grade 1 worksheets upto 22nd Apr.20
Grade 1 worksheets from 23rd Apr.20
Grade 2 worksheets upto 25Apr.20
Grade 2 worksheets from 26Apr.20
Grade 3 worksheets upto 25th April 2020
Grade 3 worksheets from 26th April
Grade 4 worksheets upto 25th Apr.20
Grade 4 worksheets from 25th Apr.20
Grade 5 worksheets upto 22nd Apr.20
Grade 5 worksheets from 23rd Apr.20
Grade 6 worksheets upto 25th Apr.20
Grade 6 worksheets from 26th Apr.20
Grade 7 worksheets upto 25th Apr.20
Grade 7 worksheets from 26th Apr.20
Grade 8 worksheets upto 25th Apr.20
Grade 8 worksheets from 26th Apr.20


Grade IX Grade X

Worksheets upto 25Apr.20

Worksheets from 26Apr.20







VPM’s DOLPHIN KIDS (2018-19)

Hi friends! I am Dolu the Dolphin and I
study at VPM Dolphin Kids. I’ll take
you with me to a fun tour of my
school. Come, let’s explore and have